Since the 01.01.2013 an i.H.v levy from the city of Flensburg, for private overnight guests € 1.50 per night. Business travelers can rid themselves of this fee.

Business travellers have the opportunity to avoid the payment of the accommodation tax, they present a certificate of the employer upon arrival, which arises, that the accommodation is professionally.

To get get rid of the Beherbungsabgabe, we will send you a form of the city of Flensburg you.

In the event that you have any confirmation of the employer despite professional event for the night, we are obliged to provide you with € 1.50 per night and person charged. You can refund the accommodation duty paid but a period of three months by means of an informal letter to the town of Flensburg. This letter must your employer put on and attached to the Bill for the night (s).


Write bed tax form

Employer confirmation

Confirmation of its own independent